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Jabooh.com web design and IT solutions based in Telford Shropshire serving the Midlands and the whole of the UK.

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Technologies we use: php, mysql, vb, google maps, database, content managed, cms, and javascript. Services we offer: search engine optimisation, hosting, website design, cheap websites.

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About Us

With prices to suit all budgets we will work closely with you to find a suitable solution at an affordable price, whether you need a website, logo, search engine optimisation or a content management system. You will only pay for what you need and you will receive no hard sell from us, we work with what you already have to give you a solution that's right for you.

Jabooh.com CMS

With the Jabooh.com CMS (content management system) you get a fully functional website designed around you and your business with the ability to make as many changes as often as you want all by yourself, without any delay or cost.

With the jabooh CMS you are given a login to the CMS where you can add/edit pages, add/edit website text, add images, edit settings like site keywords/description (search engine optimisation) and administer any additional services you have installed on your site like blogs, feedback areas and user accounts.

Please see below for additional features that are included in the Jabooh CMS.

Domain Name Registration

To have a website you first need a domain name e.g. www.your-company-name.com, if you don't already have your domain name we can register and configure your domain name for you.

Website Hosting

Once you have a domain name configured you're ready to start creating your website to do this you need a web server to host/store your files. The Jabooh.com CMS comes with hosting included.

Visitor information/stats

Your site will also be installed with a Google analytics account pre-configured (your current analytics account can also be used), this means that all page views are logged and you can be emailed a summary of all visits each month. The summary report will contain information like how many visits your site has had that month, which is the most viewed page, where visitors came from both physically (which country they were located in) and also which site sent them to your site (Google, Facebook or direct).

Contact Forms

A contact form comes as standard with our website package and all data entered into the contact form will be validated and a captcha system is used to help protect against spam emails and malicious senders. This means that visitors can contact you directly from your website without having to find or try and remember your email address.

Location Map/Directions

jabooh web design map exampleIf your business requires people to physically visit you or you would like people to find your exact location we also supply you with Google maps and driving directions. This can increase sales as customers can find you alot quicker and easier by simply going to your website and creating a step by step route planner, no more giving directions over the phone - simply direct them to your new jabooh website!


If you require a news or blog area on your website then no problem - our content management system also comes with a blog/news section already installed. This is a great way of keeping users up to date with what your business is up to and what new products/services you might be offering.

Facebook Integration

We can integrate your facebook profile into your site by linking to your Facebook page, adding a comments section so your Facebook fans/friends can comment and share your site info directly from facebook.


Polls are a good way of engaging your users and giving them an interactive experience while on your site.

Feedback Area

If you rely on word of mouth business then a feedback section is a great idea as your customers can comment on your business and leave feedback for future potential customers. All a user has to do is fill out a web form on your site and you're emailed the details and a link to the CMS, once you have confirmed the comments are suitable for your site you can publish the details with a click of a button.

Image/Photo Uploads

The Jabooh.com content management system also come with an image or photo library where you can upload your images to add to the site, large images are resized so they are faster for the user to view and there is no limit to how many images you add to your site. You are in full control of any changes to your site content.